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This is a Sylar/Elle fanvid that I made a little while ago, to the song Re-Offender by Travis. Thanks to my friend padabee for the song suggestion ;D

Maggie B-day

New Layout

Felt it was time to change my layout again, this one I created myself, it was pretty simple. I made a new header/banner to go with it, which was more complicated. I wanted to include most of favorite people and characters, which turned out to be an impossible task lol. It was tough, I had to cut a bunch of people because it became over-crowded, but I'm still happy with how it turned out :)
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Heroes & Villains

I saw The Dark Knight this weekend, and absolutley loved it, it was definitely worth the hype IMO. I was very inspired by not just Heath's performance, but the entire cast's, so I worked on a couple of walls from the film. First is Heath Ledger as the Joker (b&w & color versions), and then one featuring Batman and others:

And next is The Incredible Hulk, which I saw a few weeks ago and absolutely loved as well:

Been a great year for comic book films and fans lol
Maggie B-day


Another quick update, another bunch of random works lol. First, a 1024 x 768 wall of Rose Byrne (thanks for the pics padabee). Second is a 800 x 600 wall of Jennifer Garner :)

And finally, a sequel of sorts to a vid I made last year, from The Matrix. This one is from the Matrix Reloaded, and features the same artists, Jay-Z & Linkin Park Collapse )
Liv b-day from mata

Bday & New Fandom

A late update, but I wanted to post the wallpaper I made for Liv's birthday :)

And a wall I made of my new fandom, The Middleman ;) It's based on the comic of the same name, but the cool thing is the creator of the comic also created the series, so it's faithfully translated. And of course I can't escape anything comic book/superhero related lol. It's actually pretty good and well written so far, so just gonna see it where it goes from here :) And it's a lot easier keeping up with a new show from the beginning lol!


Nat, Indy, Megan & Ben

Wanted to post an update of stuff I've worked on the past few weeks. All are random subjects I've been inspired by recently lol. First is a wall from Indiana Jones 4, which I loved (it contains a small spoiler though). The second one is Megan Fox, and the third is a wall I made of Natalie Portman to celebrate her birthday on

And for any Ben Barnes fans, I thought I'd share a wall I made for a friend:

Also, thanks to the encouragement of padabee, I entered my first icontest at naticontest, and came in first place :D Voting is still up for the current contest, and once done I'll be able to post said icons here lol :)